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By making my career researching and writing about popular kids' toys, I have been able to find which ones are the best - and which ones fall short. Here, I am gathering my findings on the top picks in kids' remote control cars -- which ones are the most loved and the best choices for gifts for Christmas or birthday. (Updated for 2016.)


Best Rated RC Cars for Kids 2016

Check these picks of RC cars for kids out - some great choices for gifts here:


2016 Best of Remote Control Toys - Best Kids' R/C Cars - Flipboard Mag

I love Flipboard - and here is just one more reason why - this collection of info on kids top RC cars picks, and some other cool stuff.

View my Flipboard Magazine.


Best Toys for Kids 2016: The Best Kids’ 2016 RC Cars with the Coolest Features

More tips on RC cars for kids - these are the ones that the author has dubbed as having the "coolest" features.  =)

Best Toys for Kids 2016

When it comes down to the "best of" remote control cars for kids, cool features are going to win out because there are so many RC cars on the market. The ones with the coolest features are usually the most popular choices for RC-loving kiddos, and most of them are themed, making these RC cars even cooler.


Best List and Reviews for 2016 - Kids' RC Cars

Excerpted from a "best RC cars for kids" list - more for this category - some very nice picks for this summer for the little ones - and some for the big kids too.  :-)


Best RC Cars for Kids - Top 5 List Spring and Summer 2016 - YouTube

Nice tips on RC kids cars - all wrapped up in a nice, tidy little video.  =)  Some very good choices for 2016.


RC Driving and Racing - Tips and Tutorials on Driving and Racing Radio Controlled Cars and Trucks

From one of my favorite "what is it" and "how to do it" sites - has an article on driving RC cars.  Some good tips to help the kiddos with.  =)


RC Car Built from Common Materials | Make:

For 2016, I thought I would introduce this year's RC cars for kids with -- how to make one!  Yay!


Best RC Cars 2015 - Kid-Mash 2015

Kid-Mash is a site that does "mashups" about babies' and kids' toys and books.  A fun site -- here is their section all about remote control cars and other vehicles for kids:

Best RC Cars 2015


The Most Unique & Innovative RC Cars for Kids for 2014-2015 - Best Toys for Kids 2015

A cool little "diddy" article - not to diminish the content, it's a great read!  Anyhow, all about a few great kids' remote control cars for this year.

"Remote-controlled cars have been around for decades, and they remain one of the most popular, always asked for Christmas list toys. They have also flourished in popularity, and brands are attempting to make the most out of innovative, unique designs..."

Worth the read! =)


Best RC Cars 2015 - Top 5 List for Kids - YouTube

For the holidays or birthday - whatever occasion - for 2015, here is a top 5 list of best picks in kids' RC cars.